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Monday, January 19, 2009

It Is Amazing How Much Technology Has Advanced

Hi World,
Yesterday I stepped into a New York City cab, which is something that I almost never do, and I observed an interesting sight in the cab. I had noticed that there was an option to pay cab fare using a credit card. Now mind you, I haven't taken an NYC cab for a few years, so forgive me for being surprised. I did some online research on this credit card usage in cab phenomenon and I found the man responsible for this service-Amos Tamam.

Amos Tamam is the president and CEO of VeriFone Transportation Systems. It is a company that developed the credit card technology. This is a really great feature especially if you don't have enough paper money-a problem that I often have. Amos Tamam's technology also includes a touch-screen monitor so a cab-rider can get information on news, weather, attractions, and the like.

Mr. Tamam's technology will definitely encourage me to use the New York City cabs more. Boy, technology has really made our lives a bit easier!

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