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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Consider Investing in Precious Metals

Hello World,

I just wanted to open everyone's eyes about investing in precious metals. If you have been living under a rock lately, you may notice that there are commercials regarding investing in gold. This is something one definitely may want to consider, especially since the economy has made everyone kind of insecure about. A person to definitely consider in terms of researching precious metals such as gold is Andrew Wilshire.

Andrew Wilshire gives advice for those who are interested in investing in gold, silver, gemstones, and the like. He is passionate about the subject and he thinks that the value of the dollar has decreased significantly, so that is even more reason to invest in precious metals. What is also interesting about Andrew Wilshire is that he suggests that the demand for Chinese Gold will be stronger this year, which is very interesting to me because I would have never have thought that Chinese gold in particular could be potentially profitable.

So maybe instead of investing in the usual dollar bills, why not try to invest in precious metals, that is, if you have the money to spare. It is an opportunity to make a significant amount of money.

Standing Up For People in Need

Hi World,
In my research, I have looked up a note-worthy person, a Nachshon Draiman. Why is he important enough to blog about, you may ask? Well, it is because of his efforts to reform geriatric care.

Nachshon Draiman has dedicated 20 years of his life to improve long care facilities in Illinois. He saw a need for improvement in the care that the sick and elderly people were getting, and he was determined to make life better for senior citizens. To some, this may not be such a big deal, but to me, it is because you constantly hear stories in the media about elderly people being mistreated in hospitals and nursing homes and the like, so it is nice to see that someone like Nachshon Draiman has the interests of elderly people in mind.

Of course, Nachshon Draiman has done other things with his life, but the fact that he is taking a stand and being an advocate for people who cannot defend themselves-namely the sick and the elderly-is what stands out for me.

People Doing Amazing Things: Sakwinder Narwal

Hi Everyone,
I am thinking of starting a set of blog posts about people who are doing amazing/crazy/ weird/exciting things, and in my research, I have already found my first subject: Sakwinder Narwal.

Sakwinder Narwal is notable for pulling out a 3-pound bass from a lake. I know some of you out there may wonder why this is so interesting. What is cool about his story is that it was a complete fluke that he pulled the bass out. He didn't have any fishing equipment. Sakwinder Nawal, though, truly is an example of the popular saying: When there is a will, there is a way. He made a makeshift fishing pole and pulled out the bass, just like that.

So for anyone who feels like they just can't do something in life, they should look to a story of Sakwinder Nawal for inspiration. His story is an example of determination and creativity.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

African Music Is SO Underrated These Days!

Hi World,

I am just writing to make people aware of how great African music is. If you want a comprehensive analysis of African music, you should feel free to check out Mohammed Babangida's blog.

On the blog, Mohammed Babangida discusses the rhythmic nature of African music. He points out the call and response nature of many African songs, and notes the influence of the call and response method on African-American music today. What's also cool about Mohammed Babangida is that he discusses jazz forms such as Bebop or Bossa Nova and makes correlations between those jazz forms and African music.

So if you have an interest in African music, jazz, or both, then feel free to check out the blog. You won't regret it.

As Long as You Have a Credit Card, Sure, Take a Cab, Why Not?

Hey World,

With the recession that is going on these days, it's easy to see how one can run out of paper money. Let's say you are taking a cab somewhere in a hurry, let's say that somewhere is New York City. You're travelling along in the cab, and just as it pulls up to your destination, you realize that you have no cash. Luckily, you realize that you have your credit card to pay the fare. Little did you know, though, that the reason why this is possible is because of Amos Tamam.

Amos Tamam implemented wireless technology in order for cab passengers to use their credit cards to pay for their fares. Not only is this innovation useful in case you have run out of cash, but the likelihood of getting mugged is less because you are not carrying as much paper money around.

Currently, the wireless credit card technology Amos Tamam has created is only available in New York and Philadelphia, but soon other cities will have the technology in their cabs as well. If you are living in NYC or Philly, feel free to take advantage of this useful innovation that the cabs have to offer.

Now That's A Teacher!

Hello World,

Some teachers see their profession as a job. They come in to a classroom for 5 days a week for a couple of hours, and then they go home. Then there are other teachers, like Harley Swiftdeer Reagan, who use teaching as their vocation and their life mission.

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan is a true teacher in the sense that he is constant student. That is, he is well-learned on a variety of topics such as martial arts and spirituality. He has studied with various medicine men and women, and he has used what he has learned to form the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society. Harley Swiftdeer Reagan combines spirituality, martial arts, and holistic medicine to improve the lives of others via classes, workshops and the like.

Mr. Reagan is an example of what a true teacher should be, that is, one who is not only a teacher for teaching's sake, but one who is passionate about constantly learning and constantly focused on teaching what they've learned to others to better other people's lives.

Still Feel Like You Don't Have the Cash to Go On Vacation This Summer?

Hey World,
I know that some of you may still think that with the recession and all, you don't have the money to go on vacation, but you are wrong. Check out YMT Vacations.

So what's the fuss about YMT Vacations a.k.a. Your Man Tours? The company gets their low prices through buying their tours and cruises in bulk, and then offers affordable vacation tours and cruises to their customers at a lower rate. I guess that whole buying in bulk thing is why they call the company the Sam's Club or Costco of vacation travel. If you'd like, you can choose to travel out of the country to, let's say, Europe, or you can travel to Alaska or Hawaii. The options are endless.

Long story short, check out YMT Vacations to go somewhere cheaply. You will come back from your vacation with more peace of mind, especially if you know that you haven't spent a lot of money.