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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Does It Matter How Much Obama Smoked?

Hey World,
I have just read an article from Politico by Jeff Stier. In it, Stier says that he thinks just because Obama has stopped smoking, it does not mean that the Democratic presidential candidate has a clean bill of health. It is interesting how Stier stresses to his readers that he is not making "...an appeal to puritanical values — nor an endorsement of a candidate." Basically, Stier is using Obama as an example of the harmful effects of smoking, even if it has been years since a person has smoked.

I, for one, personally liked the article because I think that smoking is a disgusting habit, and I also liked how Stier used it to critique, rather than criticize Obama. Some may still ask Stier why it matters when Obama stopped smoking and what Obama's smoking habit has to do with anything, but this is a presidential race where everyone seems to be concerned about the physical health of the candidates. Lately, there seems to be some controversy as to whether or not John McCain is too old to run for office. I see the Obama thing in a similar way. Sure, he's not as old as McCain, and sure, Obama says that he does his best not to overeat and to stay active, but as a former smoker, Obama is still at risk of being prone to smoking-related diseases.

To be fair to Obama, he is trying to be healthy, and that is great, but it doesn't mean that he is out of the woods disease-wise. Let this be a lesson to smokers everywhere. I don't want to sound preachy, but it is your own lives to lead. Just be mindful of the consequences whenever you pick up that cigarette. That's all.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Clinton Gets Campaign Dollars from Herself to Herself!

Hey World,

While I was looking at the article regarding the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, I observed another article from MSNBC that says that, according to Hillary Clinton's campaign, Clinton has given her campaign over 6 million dollars within the last month. The article says that she has already given her campaign 5 million dollars. Is it tacky or weird that she is giving money to her own campaign? Shouldn't Hillary's people feel kind of ashamed that Hillary is loaning her campaign so much money. To me, it suggests that she isn't earning enough money through fundraisers and the like. Basically, it looks like not enough people are supporting Hillary financially, so she has to get dough from her own pocket. What do you guys think about this? The article points out that Hills is over 10 million dollars in debt. Thoughts?

Is the Primary Race Divided By Race?

Hey World,
Obama won the North Carolina primaries, and Hillary Clinton has Indiana. MSNBC says that the race is already divided by racial lines. According to NBC News, an estimated one-third of all ballots were cast by black voters in North Carolina, and Obama claimed support from roughly 90 percent of of these black voters. As for Hillary, the report says, her victory among white voters was just as wide. Do you guys think that the primaries have become divided by race? Is it inevitable that the race is divided by race, so to speak? Or are there other issues involved?

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's a Mad Dash For Hillary

Hey World,
Politico.com reports that Hillary Clinton has six more states to go in the primary race against Barack Obama. The six states are West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota. According to the article, Clinton still may not be able to beat Obama despite having these 6 states left to impress. With the crazy turn of events in this race, I say don't totally rule Clinton out. She may be behind Obama, but she is not down for the count one bit. What is everyone else's thoughts?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Latest Poll Says That the Wright-Obama Mess Needs to Stop

Hey World,

An Associated Press report says that more than half of voters and more than half of Democratic primary voters think that Barack Obama handled the Jeremiah Wright situation well, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll. Three-fourths of those polled say that Wright's actions haven't changed what they think about Obama, and 56 percent say that the media should basically get over the whole Wright mess.

Personally, I cosign with that 56 percent. Wright is a religious extremist who has his own thoughts on things, and Obama should not have to take the fall for it. Just because Obama went to Wright's church doesn't mean that he believed in everything Wright says. I am Catholic, and I don't agree with the fire and brimstone stuff that some priests talk about, and I don't always agree with the Pope, either. This is what makes America a free country. That even though we have political and religious representatives, we don't have to agree with everything that these representatives say.

It's sad for Obama because he has probably lost the trust and respect of someone whom he has known for years, namely Wright, but I guess this is the price one has to pay for running for the Presidency.