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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ever thought About Becoming a Philantropist?

Hi World,

I have been thinking about something. If I was rich, I would definitely become a philantropist. What is a philantropist, you may ask? Basically, a philantropist is a rich person who likes to use his or her money for charitable contributions. This could range from simply donating large sums of money to numerous charities, or using your money to build schools, hospitals, orphanages, and the like. Of course, there are famous philantropists like Oprah and Bill Gates, but here is someone that you may not know as much about-Frank Hanna.

Frank Hanna has opened up three schools in Atlanta, GA. He is a public speaker that often creates connections between religion and business. Frank Hanna has also received numerous awards for his philantropic efforts.

What I like about Mr. Hanna's story is that he took what he loves, which is his Catholic faith and educational reform, to help others and spread his beliefs. It wasn't because he wanted to show others what a good person he is. Mr. Hanna is doing it because he wants to. It is something to think about if you ever become wealthy enough to be a philantropist. Why not be one like Frank Hanna?

Do You Need Health Insurance?

Hi World,
I know that health insurance may be a sore topic for a lot of people, but in these rough economic times, it's an important topic because health insurance, for many people, may be falling by the wayside. What I mean by that is that because health insurance is often so costly, many people choose to simply not apply for insurance, which is very risky. This is why I am suggesting a company that offers affordable insurance-United American Insurance Company.

United American Insurance Company has a website that is easy to understand. It offers insurance not only for those who are in need of Medicare, but insurance for people aged lower than 65 years old and life insurance as well. It is especially important that they offer insurance for people such as myself who are under age 65 because people my age often go without health insurance. United American Insurance Company also has a great benefit program where you can choose what doctor and hospital that you want to go to.

I hope that I was able to help lead people to an affordable health care insurance company. Good Luck!

It Is Amazing How Much Technology Has Advanced

Hi World,
Yesterday I stepped into a New York City cab, which is something that I almost never do, and I observed an interesting sight in the cab. I had noticed that there was an option to pay cab fare using a credit card. Now mind you, I haven't taken an NYC cab for a few years, so forgive me for being surprised. I did some online research on this credit card usage in cab phenomenon and I found the man responsible for this service-Amos Tamam.

Amos Tamam is the president and CEO of VeriFone Transportation Systems. It is a company that developed the credit card technology. This is a really great feature especially if you don't have enough paper money-a problem that I often have. Amos Tamam's technology also includes a touch-screen monitor so a cab-rider can get information on news, weather, attractions, and the like.

Mr. Tamam's technology will definitely encourage me to use the New York City cabs more. Boy, technology has really made our lives a bit easier!

Another Home Improvement Idea

Hello World,

Since I am all about home improvements these days, I wanted to write a blog post about adding a pool to your home. Of course, having a pool at your house isn't what people usually mean when they talk about home improvements, but for the purposes of this blog post, I will add it on. YOu may be wondering why I am bringing this up. Well, it's because of an Arizona-based company called Shasta Pools.

Even though I personally don't have a pool at my house, I would like one someday. Who doesn't think of a pool whenever one thinks of owning his or her dream home? If I ever do get a pool someday, I hope it's from a company like Shasta Pools. The company specializes in buying, remodeling, and maintaining pools. Believe me, from looking at the before and after photos of some of pools Shasta Pools has worked on, I can see that the company knows everything there is to know about having a nice, well-maintained pool.

So if you want to have a nice looking pook that isn't inflatable plastic, then give Shasta Pools a try.

Looking For an Interesting Read This Winter?

Hey World,

Since the weather is oh so cold, dreary, and depressing, I have figured that it is a great opportunity to catch up on some reading. An interesting book to check out would be Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure by Dr. Paul Offit.

The main idea of Dr. Paul Offit's new book, to make a long story short, is that there is no basis for the belief that vaccines cause autism. If you look further, you can find some interesting information on the pediatrician's website. When doing more research, I am impressed. Not only is Dr. Paul Offit an author and a physician, but it is the kind of work that he specializes in that is important. He has created a vaccine against rotavirus, a disease that kills thousands of children all over the world.

Anyway, if you are looking for a read that is intelligent and insightful, then please feel free to check out Dr. Offit's new book. It is definitely worth checking out.

Are You Looking to Remodel Your Home?

Hi World,
I know that for some, any discussion about homes and home ownership is a sensitive one considering the housing crisis that we are in right now. If I seem insensitive or out of touch, then I apologize. For those of you who own a home and are looking to do some remodeling, then K-Designers is a company that you should be looking at.

I had first learned about K-Designers because my uncle is doing some repairs on his home. The company is the #1 remodeling company in the United States, and it has served thousands of customers for over 30 years. To me, though, the prestige of the company is not the best part. The best part of K-Designers' advertising pitch is that you pay no money down until the job is finished and you're satisfied with it. Sounds like a good company to work with if you need to spruce up some things around tbe house.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Interested in Investing In Gold?

Hey World,
Lately I have been seeing television ads that discuss investing in gold. So when I found a blog by Andrew Wilshire, a Precious Metals Investor, it didn't surprise me too much. With the current recession, there is a low amount of confidence in the banking system, so some people are looking for other means to retain the value of their money.

Andrew Wilshire's blog is everything you need to know about investing in gold. In one post, he suggests that the U.S. dollar is now only worth three cents when before it was really worth a dollar, In the same post, Andrew Wilshire advises U.S. citizens to collect gold and silver to cover their assets. He suggests that these people should do this because the government continues to outspend the revenue that it has.

In any case, Wilshire's site is definitely worth checking out if you are interested in other means of retaining the value of your money. Hope it helps!

Are You Going Through A Divorce?

Hi World,
I am not married nor have I ever been married, but if I ever do tie the knot, i sincerely hope that my marriage doesn't end in divorce. Unfortunately, divorce is becoming more and more of a reality for families these days, so the chances of my marriage ending in a divorce are not impossible. So for those of you in need of a lawyer specializing in divorce and custody proceedings, Arlene Kock is the woman for you.

Arlene Kock has a blog that deals with the topics of divorce and custody law. She has an interesting post on the question of what happens to the children in a divorce proceeding. She gives a list and a description of the different kinds of custody. Arlene Kock also explains how a court issues child custody and visitation orders.

So if you are getting a divorce or planning on getting one, check out Ms. Kock's site for more information.

For Tennis Buffs

Hi World,
Is anyone out there a tennis fan? Well, I for one am not very keen on tennis, but for those who are, you should check out Nachshon Draiman and his blog. It is very detailed and informative.

Nachshon Draiman provides everything tennis all of the time with his blog. For example, he writes a blog on the joys of tennis. He writes another blog on the proper way to prepare for a tennis match. Nachshon Draiman also writes a post on the proper way to size up your opponent.

I know for some, tennis is the last sport they want to be thinking of right now, but for others who are able to play and appreciate the game, I hope that I could help.

Dreaming of a Warm Vacation Spot

Hi World,
Boy, do I need a vacation. I just feel like I need to get away from the snowy, depressing, and bitterly cold New York City in January thing or I am going to go insane. So where am I going to go to plan my warm and sunny vacation getaway, you may ask? Well, Consolidated Resorts of course.

Consolidated Resorts is a company that stressed vacation ownership. It owns 13 vacation ownership properties. One can choose destinations in Hawaii, Las Vegas, and in Florida-yes, all warm and sunny locations. With Consolidated Resorts, one can plan his vacation up to a year before his arrival date, so there is plenty of time to plan that vacation.

Yes I know with the economy is tight right now, but if you happen to have the money and the time to spare, than try planning that vacation getaway. I know I will be.

For Jazz Fans

Hi World,

Ok I like jazz, but I wouldn't say that I am a jazz fanatic of sorts. Thanks to the blog from Mohammed Babangida, my liking of jazz may soon become fanatical.
The funny thing about Mohammed Babangida is that he isn't even a musician. He is a Nigerian businessman with an interest in jazz music. If you look at his website, he gives a detailed account on the history of jazz as a musical genre. Mohammed Babangida gives another two blog posts on notable jazz greats Satchmo and Charles Mingus, and there is even a blog post on the African influences on blues music.
For jazz buffs, Mr. Babangida's blog is something worth checking out. Have fun!

A Potential Career Path

Hi World,
Now I know what you may be thinking. You may be thinking that, with the job market still in a slump, I would suggest the usual career paths to you-teaching, nursing, accounting. No, I am not going to suggest any of those. I am telling you to think of property management as a potential career path, and if you want more information on it, look up Tim Arel.

Tim Arel specializes in all things property management. When someone is a specialist or expert within their field, it usuallu means that the person has been working in their profession for a long time and knows all of the job's inner workings. Tim Arel is in charge of training, marketing, business development, and other aspects as the Director of Property Management for his company. He is definitely someone to try to contact if you need any help in breaking into the property management field.

Anywho, suggesting property management might just be the solution for some of you job seekers out there. Good Luck!

African Music

Hi World,
You may (or may not) have read my previous blog posts on my obsession with African culture. If you have, sorry for repeating myself, but I am so into the music of Africa right now, and it's all thanks to Joseph Odindo.

Joseph Odindo is a Kenyan journalist who wants to share his love of and appreciation for African music to the world. It is really worth it to check out his blog. In one blog post, he provides readers with a crash course in the origins of African music. He makes it a point to note the connections between African music and Western musical forms such as jazz music.

So anyway, check out Joseph Odindo's blog for some enlightening posts on African music. I hope you enjoy the subject as much as I do.

Need Some Help This Tax Season?

Hello World,
You all know what time it is. No, of course besides it being Martin Luther King's Birthday and Barack Obama's inauguration, it is also tax season. Yes, that dreaded time of year where Americans are preparing for that April 15th deadline. I know, I know, you were hoping that I would basically do your taxes for you While this is usually a time that most people dread, help is on the way, and it is thanks to American Tax Relief.

American Tax Relief is a company that helps people to deal with delinquent tax liabilities with the use of settlement methods. The firm is great for settling tax debt, settling state and business payroll tax, and stopping wage garnishment. I mean, why not take advantage of such an amazing opportunity.

So why not take advantage of American Tax Relief in helping solve some of your tax troubles? Unfortunately, in life, we all have to deal with bad stuff like taxes, but fortunately, there is help.