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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Are You Going Through A Divorce?

Hi World,
I am not married nor have I ever been married, but if I ever do tie the knot, i sincerely hope that my marriage doesn't end in divorce. Unfortunately, divorce is becoming more and more of a reality for families these days, so the chances of my marriage ending in a divorce are not impossible. So for those of you in need of a lawyer specializing in divorce and custody proceedings, Arlene Kock is the woman for you.

Arlene Kock has a blog that deals with the topics of divorce and custody law. She has an interesting post on the question of what happens to the children in a divorce proceeding. She gives a list and a description of the different kinds of custody. Arlene Kock also explains how a court issues child custody and visitation orders.

So if you are getting a divorce or planning on getting one, check out Ms. Kock's site for more information.

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