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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ever thought About Becoming a Philantropist?

Hi World,

I have been thinking about something. If I was rich, I would definitely become a philantropist. What is a philantropist, you may ask? Basically, a philantropist is a rich person who likes to use his or her money for charitable contributions. This could range from simply donating large sums of money to numerous charities, or using your money to build schools, hospitals, orphanages, and the like. Of course, there are famous philantropists like Oprah and Bill Gates, but here is someone that you may not know as much about-Frank Hanna.

Frank Hanna has opened up three schools in Atlanta, GA. He is a public speaker that often creates connections between religion and business. Frank Hanna has also received numerous awards for his philantropic efforts.

What I like about Mr. Hanna's story is that he took what he loves, which is his Catholic faith and educational reform, to help others and spread his beliefs. It wasn't because he wanted to show others what a good person he is. Mr. Hanna is doing it because he wants to. It is something to think about if you ever become wealthy enough to be a philantropist. Why not be one like Frank Hanna?

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Sarah Benavides said...

Hey there, I really like your blog by the way! I just wanted to add to this post that a philanthropist, although it's often the case, is not necessarily a rich person. Besides the very popular kind of philantropists who predominantly donate money, there are also the ones (like me) who aren't wealthy but donate services, goods, time and/or effort instead of money. I'd like to encourage everyone to do so as well. It's important to support a socially beneficial cause - and everyone of us can make a difference - regardless of our economic status!