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Sunday, January 18, 2009

For Tennis Buffs

Hi World,
Is anyone out there a tennis fan? Well, I for one am not very keen on tennis, but for those who are, you should check out Nachshon Draiman and his blog. It is very detailed and informative.

Nachshon Draiman provides everything tennis all of the time with his blog. For example, he writes a blog on the joys of tennis. He writes another blog on the proper way to prepare for a tennis match. Nachshon Draiman also writes a post on the proper way to size up your opponent.

I know for some, tennis is the last sport they want to be thinking of right now, but for others who are able to play and appreciate the game, I hope that I could help.

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Jay Draiman said...

Monday, January 19, 2009
Nachshon Draiman

In the last few years, Nachshon Draiman has had to defend his name over some very serious accusations! It has turned brother against brother into one of the most expensive he said, I said arguments. Resulting in wage fines and levees against Nachshon Draiman. His Chicago nursing home administrator license (044001323) was revoked. He was charged with a $15 million judgment for fraud -- $21 million with interest!

Nachshon Draiman will be back in court in a few months to face yet other charges. By the looks of it, he will need more then a little helping hand!
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