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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Latest Poll Says That the Wright-Obama Mess Needs to Stop

Hey World,

An Associated Press report says that more than half of voters and more than half of Democratic primary voters think that Barack Obama handled the Jeremiah Wright situation well, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll. Three-fourths of those polled say that Wright's actions haven't changed what they think about Obama, and 56 percent say that the media should basically get over the whole Wright mess.

Personally, I cosign with that 56 percent. Wright is a religious extremist who has his own thoughts on things, and Obama should not have to take the fall for it. Just because Obama went to Wright's church doesn't mean that he believed in everything Wright says. I am Catholic, and I don't agree with the fire and brimstone stuff that some priests talk about, and I don't always agree with the Pope, either. This is what makes America a free country. That even though we have political and religious representatives, we don't have to agree with everything that these representatives say.

It's sad for Obama because he has probably lost the trust and respect of someone whom he has known for years, namely Wright, but I guess this is the price one has to pay for running for the Presidency.


Elizabeth said...

I agree with you Katrina. I think Obama handled the situation well, and he should not be punished for Wright's beliefs. Not to mention the fact that some of Wright's controversial statements were probably taken out of context.

Katrina said...

Thanks for the feedback Elizabeth!