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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Clinton Gets Campaign Dollars from Herself to Herself!

Hey World,

While I was looking at the article regarding the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, I observed another article from MSNBC that says that, according to Hillary Clinton's campaign, Clinton has given her campaign over 6 million dollars within the last month. The article says that she has already given her campaign 5 million dollars. Is it tacky or weird that she is giving money to her own campaign? Shouldn't Hillary's people feel kind of ashamed that Hillary is loaning her campaign so much money. To me, it suggests that she isn't earning enough money through fundraisers and the like. Basically, it looks like not enough people are supporting Hillary financially, so she has to get dough from her own pocket. What do you guys think about this? The article points out that Hills is over 10 million dollars in debt. Thoughts?


Matt C said...

I can't imagine how she can continue to say that she is clearly the best candidate for the general election when she is continually financing her campaign personally. Obama is bringing in a ton more money and from more, and newer, donors, and she can barely afford to pay her bills. How would she survive against the Republicans in the fall?

There is no way she can justify continuing like this.

mondemondomundo said...

Does this mean she has money and paying the money personally? or she is borrowing money from the bank personally and putting it in her campaign?

I thought she was a good fund raiser...

Katrina said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. As for Mondo's question, I believe that she is using her own money. Strange huh. As for Matt's comment, it really doesn't look right when you are paying millions of bucks for your own campaign. It shows that people aren't supporting her like they do Obama.