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Thursday, June 4, 2009

As Long as You Have a Credit Card, Sure, Take a Cab, Why Not?

Hey World,

With the recession that is going on these days, it's easy to see how one can run out of paper money. Let's say you are taking a cab somewhere in a hurry, let's say that somewhere is New York City. You're travelling along in the cab, and just as it pulls up to your destination, you realize that you have no cash. Luckily, you realize that you have your credit card to pay the fare. Little did you know, though, that the reason why this is possible is because of Amos Tamam.

Amos Tamam implemented wireless technology in order for cab passengers to use their credit cards to pay for their fares. Not only is this innovation useful in case you have run out of cash, but the likelihood of getting mugged is less because you are not carrying as much paper money around.

Currently, the wireless credit card technology Amos Tamam has created is only available in New York and Philadelphia, but soon other cities will have the technology in their cabs as well. If you are living in NYC or Philly, feel free to take advantage of this useful innovation that the cabs have to offer.

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