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Monday, December 22, 2008

Taking an NYC Cab

Have you ever taken a cab in New York City and felt a sense of nervousness when it was time to pay your fare? Did you ever pray to god that you had enough cash to pay the fare? Or better yet, what if you knew for sure that you didn’t have enough cash to pay a cab? Did you not take the cab and instead opt for cheaper means of transportation like the subway, or the bus, or [gasp] walking?! Or maybe you took the cab knowing full well that you didn’t have enough money to pay cash, but you decided to take the cab anyway and planned on running out of the cab as the car speeded to a stop and running away before the cabbie called the cops (laughs)? If you have, then maybe you should keep in mind a business started by a man named Amos Tamam, , to make a long story short, Amos Tamam has spearheaded technology that enables taxi cabs to accept fares via credit card payments. This may seem like not a big deal to some people, but when you think about all of the robberies and attempted robberies cabbies have to deal with, the credit card idea is a major solution to the problem.

Thanks to the innovation Amos Tamam has helped to provide, taxi cab drivers in NYC and in Philly can feel safer because they are not holding as much money, but the problem is that the service isn’t in all cabs in all U.S. cities. Perhaps more needs to be done, such as letters or e-mails to government officials, to provide credit card technology within cabs as a means of not only modernizing taxi cabs, but to also keep cab drivers safe.
Perhaps this is something to think about the next time you enter an NYC cab, huh?

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