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Monday, December 22, 2008

An Ode to African Music

Since in my last blog post I had discussed African food, now I will discuss another hobby that I love: listening to music, and I have found another website which combines the interests in Africa and in music. This site had been started by another Kenyan journalist, Joseph Odindo. He is a journalist, like Mwangi, who has launched a blog expressing his love on something that has nothing to do with journalism, but Joseph Odindo is willing to take the time to write on the blog anyway, and I thank him for it because otherwise, I wouldn’t know as much as I know now about African music.
An example of an interesting blog post Joseph Odindo has mentions Paul Simon, whose 1986 release “Graceland” helped to make African music more prominent in the world music scene. Odindo also discusses in another post about the importance of the marimba, an instrument that plays a vital role in African music.

Odindo has helped to me to not only take an interest in African music, but to also think of ways the music has contributed to other cultures.

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