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Monday, December 22, 2008

Being Driven

America is a country that lives and breathes on having an entrepreneurial spirit and having the drive to succeed despite one's circumstances. It seems though, that a lot of that spirit has become lost because of the economic recession. Perhaps more people should become like Jared Metz. Metz specializes in helping businesses to get money to perform projects. Perhaps if one is interested in business or economics, he or she can go into the funding business.

Of course, as it often is in life, Jared Metz didn't start his career helping businesses to fund events. It was his entrepreneurial drive that enabled him to have the confidence to do the work that he is doing. No one told him to do it. Jared Metz simply wanted to do what he was passionate about. If only more people could have the courage to do what they really wanted to do rather than just do a profession for money or accolades, people wouldn't be so unhappy. Just a thought.

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