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Monday, March 24, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

Hey World,
It seems like Joe Lieberman and John McCain are hanging out a lot together recently. Obviously, it is a strange and rare sight to see, a Democrat and a Republican hanging out together side by side without clawing each other's eyes out. In a way, it makes me like McCain. By the word "like," I don't mean that I am going to vote for him. I mean that McCain is able to be friends with people from other political parties, something that isn't usually done in politics. But in closer analysis of the Lieberman-McCain friendship, it really isn't surprising at all. Joe Lieberman is a firm supporter of the Iraq War just as much as McCain is, so birds of a feather do indeed flock together. I just think that if Lieberman is such a supporter of the war and all, he should be a Republican. Why does he continue to stick with the Democratic Party? According to a Politico.com article, Lieberman may end up having a position in McCain's administration should McCain become president. Perhaps Lieberman is waiting for that to happen so he can have more of an excuse to switch parties. The Politico article discusses another reason why Lieberman and McCain are best friends forever-they both share the same fear of Islamic fundamentalists.

Again, this brings up a point that many people have been having about McCain for awhile, and that is the question of how conservative he is. Can McCain truly be that conservative if he has a Democrat as a close friend and a supporter? Granted, Lieberman is not the typical Democrat, but still. Any thoughts?


kurtisn said...

Lieberman and McCain are really quite compatible. Lieberman is conservative only when it comes to things in defense. When you're talking social matters, Lieberman is quite liberal. His stands go right down the line of liberal, although not the radical, in your face type of liberal.

McCain on the other hand, is quite conservative in the Iraq war and generally on the war on terror. He is not at all conservative when it comes to finance reform, amnesty for illegals, spending on social programs...the only item in the social sphere I'm not too sure about is the spending more than you take in. He was always against the tax cuts Bush made, and he's changed his tune now, but I think he'll drift back to the liberal side on that, too, and vote to give all Americans a nice jolt in the tax hike column for 2010 if he is elected.

bfadds said...

Let's also not forget that McCain is buddy-buddy with socially-liberal Rudy Guiliani. I can't say I'm too surprised to see that he's spending time with democrats. I agree, as said above, that Lieberman, like Rudy, is socially liberal. Is this McCain's attempt to reach out to democratic voters without blatantly doing so? Maybe. Either way he's going to be taken through the wringers by conservative talk hosts no matter what he does, haha.

mike's spot said...

Am I the only one who remembers these two have proposed a decent amount of legislation together? They did an energy bill and an anti-gun bill to be sure, probably other stuff as well.

The Anti-Gun bill was enough to make any pro-second amendment person vomit- But hey what are you going to do?

But to say they have been hanging out a lot recently I think is a stretch. These two have history.