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Monday, March 24, 2008

It Looks like Obama is Not the Only One Who Has Enjoyed Wright's Company.

Hey World,
I am thinking about the revelation last week that BIll Clinton and Reverend Jeremiah Wright have met each other before. So far, it does not seem as if it is negatively affecting Hillary Clinton's campaign. On one hand, it isn't surprising that no one is making a big deal about it because it is only a picture of Bill Clinton and Wright shaking hands. It doesn't meant that there is anything to reveal. I recall a comment someone had made on a website that basically said so what if Clinton and Wright had a photo op together. It doesn't compare to Obama knowing Wright for 20 years, and it also doesn't compare to Wright marrying Obama and his wife, Michelle, as well as baptizing both of their daughters. In my opinion, I would agree. The Clinton picture doesn't compare to Obama's history with Wright. On the other hand, why was Bill taking a picture with Wright? According to a Huffington Post article, the picture was taken on September 11, 1998 at a White House Meeting of religious leaders. The Post article stresses that Wright is not just any man of faith, but "...a prominent pastor on the American scene " and that Trinity Church "...is a major Chicago institution." In this way, the Huffington Post is providing a background on Wright for those who didn't know much about him. I know that I am being a devil's advocate, but some may think that the Post is being biased by doing this. Why does the Huffington Post need to provide a background on Wright? Is it to keep right-wing conservatives from attacking the Clintons and even Obama about the whole Wright thing? Just putting it out there.

It is also important to note when the picture was taken, it was during the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal. According to the Post article, Bill Clinton had told Wright and the other men of faith that he had "repented." Another note about the photo op is that it was taken on September 11, 1998, and three years later was the infamous 9/11, namely 9/11/2001. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the coincidence. Maybe its because the situations are different, but you would think that the mainstream media would make some sort of connection. Oh well!


Elizabeth said...

I am also surprised that the media has not pointed out the coincidence.

A New York Times article from March 6 entitled "Disinvitation by Obama is Criticized" states that
According to Rev Wright, Obama told him, “You can get kind of rough in the sermons, so what we’ve decided is that it’s best for you not to be out there in public.”

This bugged me. To me it means that Obama agrees with Wright but is scared to admit it.

Matt C said...

I'm pretty surprised (or impressed, or disappointed) also that there isn't a bigger deal made out of this. On one hand, it probably shouldn't be a big deal, but considering how the media reacts towards even the slightest bit of controversy, it's fairly amazing we haven't heard more about this association.

It seems like the mass media moves in cycles - it rotates which candidate it is more sympathetic to weekly.