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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Obama Races Against Hillary in Wyoming

Hey World,
A quick update. Barack Obama leads in the Wyoming Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton. According to CNN, the percentage is 58 percent Obama, and 41 percent Clinton. Voice of America News says that Obama is leading by 61 percent to Clinton's 38 percent. The presidential candidates are deadlocked for the Democratic presidential nominations. Right now, Clinton and Obama are competing for 12 delegates in Wyoming, and 33 delegates in the Mississippi primary on Tuesday. It goes to show you that is the reason why some people LOOVE politics: because it is unpredictable. Earlier this week, Clinton was on top of the world with wins in Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas, but now things are starting to suck for her again. This race is so unpredictable. John McCain must be sighing a sigh of relief that he doesn't have to go through the crap that the Democratic candidates have to go through. It's easy street for him, at least until the time leading up to the general elections.

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Mike Plugh said...

I think John McCain had his scare very early in the GOP process and managed to wriggle out of it as the nominee. His problem now is that he doesn't have the public persona to transcend the unbelievable fire burning under the Democratic race right now. He'll struggle for airtime, and he'll be hard pressed to make whatever time he gets "good time". A slip up will be magnified a good deal if it happens, and there will be less available time to correct any mistakes.