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Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Crunch Time for McCain

Hey World,
It looks like John McCain is hoping to gobble up the delegates in Ohio and Texas in order to nab that GOP nomination. It seems like it should be a cincher for McCain to get the nomination, but people tend to forget that Mike Huckabee is still in the race. According to a cnn.com article , Huckabee could still block McCain from getting the nomination. A political analyst says that Huckabee could win the delegates from the four states that are having primaries tomorrow, namely, Vermont, Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island.
Speaking of Huckabee, the Dallas Morning News is supporting him, but at the same time, it doesn't think he can win the election. I guess that is a combination of a compliment and an insult. I guess that we have to see what happens in the next few days. In my opinion, McCain is probably going to get the GOP, even though Huckabee may be more committed to conservative values than McCain. And whatever happened to Ron Paul? Can someone tell me? No, really, this is not a joke. What happened to him?

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mike's spot said...

as of 3/3/08, Ronny is still in it to win it.

I like Huckabee, he's a man of more conviction when compared to McCain.

I'll totally admit though I get watery-eyed at McCain as a vet. I'd buy that guy a beer anytime.