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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rumor Has It ...

Hey World,
Yesterday I happened to be watching New York City's local FOX television affiliate, and I saw a report saying that there is a rumor that Condoleeza Rice is interested in being a running mate alongside John McCain. Apparently, it is really only a rumor. McCain says that the rumor is news to him, and Rice hasn't said anything publicly about it. It's the kind of rumor that is intriguing even though it's not true. What if Rice ran for the general elections with McCain? And what if they had won. Then for the Republican right wing, this would be a good look. They would have a person in the White House who covers both minorities, namely Blacks and women, and at the same time have a person who will keep their conservative interests in mind. Does anyone have thoughts on this? Here is an article on the whole thing, and check out some commentary on it too:


mike's spot said...

there has been rumblings about this for a while. I think its a nose dive. Conservatives don't like Conde, and I can't imagine many people overall do.

Colin Powell would have been a better choice, but I think he's a tough sell since he supported Barack publicly.

tough to say who the repubs have that would be good. if we want to be progressive with conservatives, why not Bobby Jindal, the youngest governor in the US? (Louisiana)

Katrina said...

Thanks for the post, Mike. I mean, Mitt Romney's name keeps being thrown around a lot, and of course Joe Lieberman, but I don't think that he is being seen as a candidate so much because he is a Democrat.

mike's spot said...

Well I think they are both terrible choices. I never trusted Romney. If we are getting a democrat- at least give me Russ Feingold (D-Wi)

he's worked with McCain on legislation before and they have a good history.