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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So Long, Fidel!

Hi World,
Well, it looks like he's really gone this time. Fidel Castro is stepping down as Cuba's president after an over 40 year reign. Many Cubans are rejoycing over this. Up to this point, there had been numerous rumors that Castro would step down and even reports that he had died. It had been as if Castro was a cockroach that just would not die (lol!). But alas, the ailing president is leaving his post, even though he may not have been in good shape to be running Cuba anyway since he has been so sickly. What's interesting about Catro's reign is that despite his old age and his illness, Castro had kept a tenacious hold his presidential power.
The sad thing about the Cuba situation is that it is bittersweet for Cuban exiles. On the one hand, they may be relieved that Fidel is finally gone, but on the other hand, his brother Raul is supposedly going to take over as president, which is arguably almost the same thing as Fidel still being president. Some progress!

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