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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Im Tired of...

Hi World,
I'm going to start a new section of my blog entitled "I'm Tired of" which is pretty self-explanatory. I'm going to discuss something political that I'm tired of hearing about. Tonight's I'm Tired of deals with John McCain. I am tired of people, particularly conservatives, questioning how conservative McCain is. Like to be conservative, you have to be a part of some sort of conservative club of sorts. It's ridiculous.
I guess for conservatives, the situation is particularly dire because Romney is out of the race. It is as if conservatives are conflicted. On one hand, they want to support McCain because he is a war hero and seems like the kind of candidate that would get us out of the Iraq War, but on the other hand, he may not support a lot of conservative issues. According to a CNN.com article, some critics think McCain to be too liberal to be truly conservative. An abc.com article says that for conservatives, illegal immigration is a major problem that they think McCain isn't trying to solve. Conservatives may be thinking of the McCain-Kennedy bill that McCain and Ted Kennedy had been proposing, the plan where the estimated 12 million immigrants would eventually become citizens. The plan died in congress, although McCain says that he still thinks that there should be a way to enable illegal immigrants to become citizens.
Maybe McCain is as conservative the conservatives are going to get, or maybe once McCain is in office, if he is elected, the conservatives can weasel McCain to change some to his platform to fit their point of view. I guess only time will tell.


DF Robichaux said...

True conservatives are wondering how is America going to pay to stay in Iraq for another 100 years.
McCain is a Republican socialist.
He is an advocate of gig government intervention in the lives of U.S. citizens and of foreign countries.

mike's spot said...

Romney was shit. McCain isn't bad, and he's no RINO like Guiliani or Schwarzenegger so I like him.

He's a bit wild card. He doesn't vote consistently on many issues. I think its the randomness of him that scares a lot of conservatives more than anything.

The parties are more a dog and pony show now. not like they actively care. If a lobby group gets big enough with some serious $$ behind it they'll dance a little bit, but not to anyone's tune but their own.