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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Undecided Voters: Why can't they make up their damned minds already?

Ugh, if there is anything that annoys me, it's folks who can't make up their minds. Check out this hilarious Late Show with David Letterman piece featuring comedian Andy Kindler. In it, Kindler asks a group of undecided voters questions about why they are, basically, unsure of which candidate to vote for.

As Letterman says in the beginning in this piece, the Undecided (as I like to call them) had TWO YEARS to decide. What's the friggin holdup?! But in thinking about it a little more deeply, it's kind of not fair to be so pushy towards the Undecided because it's not like they knew for sure who was going to be running. I mean, if you told me two years ago that Barack and McCain would be the two candidates, I wouldn't believe you, so I guess I can kind of see where the Undecided are coming from. But they had better get over their indecision and wishy-washiness and pick a side. At least that is better than not voting at all, Dontcha think? ;)

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